Oddka Vodka, fall 2013

Client: Oddka Vodka/Absolut Company
Mission: Oddka Vodka is about celebrating the odd, and innovative in humanity. Praising people who do their own thing or who “march to the beat of their own drum”. By utilizing our existing youtube content provider network we paired the Oddka Wodka brand with some of youtube´s most bold, interesting and loud providers. Taking in to account both their audience range, content topics and boldness.

Having the Oddka product included in the target audiences daily youtube interaction, we are able to introduce the Oddka product to far wider audience and by having the existing ”youtubers” community share this great Oddka content in their personal social media networks. Making our content reach far higher levels of engagement then any other bought media can offer.


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“I have ADHD”

Client: Riksförbundet Attention

Attention is a national organisation for people with neuropsychiatric disorders (NPD), such as ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette syndrome, language disorders and OCD.
Attention work is to support the people behind these diagnostics, to see to that they are met with respect and get the support needed in school, at work and in life in general.


With “I Have ADHD” (www.jagharadhd.se), we want to show that life does not end while achieving an ADHD diagnosis. On the contrary, it may be a way to understand oneself better, to suddenly begin to see connections/patterns and to find solutions to things that were hard to see before, and thus using this new knowldwge as a great sorce of strength!

We created  site where to collect an share information about ADHD. One main goal is to show that people with this diagosics are not alone and that they are in good company! A number of videos containing porttraits of others is available as well as one can upload one’s own, all to help, share and learn from each other.

These are some of the places that have given our project attention

Resumé (both online & print)
Resumé (qouted in article about Blondinbella)
Mitt i Täby
Mitt i Danderyd
Mitt i Stockholms mobilapp
Metropol 93,8 with Sanna Bråding
Gomorron Sverige on Svt
TV4 Nyhetsmorgon with Paolo Roberto
Article series in DN Insidan


Webb & graphics: Hemliga Byrån

Photographer and editor: Alex Hinchcliffe

Sound: Studio Skuggan

Component Producer:  Idji Maciel

PR: 88°

The Condom-movie

A while ago we pitched on a commercial for the Swedish non-profit organisation RFSU, independent of party politics, the unions and religion that works for an open, positive view of sex and relationship issues.

They didn’t choose to go with our idea, which we thought was to good not to publish, so we did it ourselves.
At the moment it has achieved more than 500.000 views and been mentioned in various contexts all over the world!

Photo+edit: Yousef Elkelany
Music mix: Studioskuggan http://www.studioskuggan.com
Idea & production: Kollektivet Livet

Dagens Media Article

The Radioactive Orchestra

This project is a collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Nuclear Safety and Training (KSU) and involves using tones to explain something as abstract as the internal structure of nuclei and the ionizing radiation that they can emit. The idea to compose gamma cascades were hatched in conjunction when we worked with KTH and KSU for a couple years ago with information films about ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation is a natural part of the environment but also occur in forms that are created artificially, for example, in medical diagnostic radiology. Ionizing radiation can take several forms – alpha, beta and gamma – and is so energetic that it can knock out electrons from the atoms that it collides with, which turns atoms into ions. Different isotopes, which are atoms of the same element but with different numbers of neutrons and therefore different mass numbers, with a characteristic combination of energies in their radiation. This gives a unique fingerprint of gamma energies for a specific isotope.

As you can see it isn´t that easy to understand. So we did two films, one site to make the public more interested to learm more about radiation. Here´s the films:

Now we are working on a live instrument for this and we did a talk about this on TEDx Gothenburg.



And here´s the site, just click on the screendump to get there.

Client: KSU

Pause The human Jukebox

Friday, the 26th of November, Fredrik Hjelmquist, CEO of Pause Home Entertainment Store  swallowed a tailor made wireless sound system and transformed into a Human Jukebox. When it comes to Pause andtailor made sound systems, anything is possible.

Kollektivet Livet did Non-Traditional PR. Worked out well. Places like Gizmodo and I am bored mentioned it and Discovery Canada even covered it! Åkestam & Holst was the Agency.

This has won a Silverlion in cannes and many other ones.

For more visit: The Human Jukebox

A Journey Back And Forth

Client: Riksutställningar (Swedish Travelling exhibitions) & Historiska Museet (The National Historical Museum)

Mission: We are one of 4 participating artists, producing installations for the exhibition “A Journey Back Anf Forth

About the Exhibition:

Physically the exhibition consists of four specially-produced spatial works of art and five stations for making discoveries and enjoying new experiences. The works of art and the stations are placed in a room-like environment in which the flooring elements, lighting, sound system and set designs work together to create their own “world” to investigate.

Through this world the visitor makes a journey across the landscape of Sweden from morning to night, from the core of the earth out into space, from pre-history to the future by way of the present day. The stations are timeless guides to the exhibition landscape whose figures are borrowed from various ancient geographical markers from the mountains of the north to the fertile soil of Österlen in the south.

The exhibition gives a picture of prehistoric times as a rich world of imagination and knowledge, a world with as many differences as similarities and a world that we know only from traces and fragments. But also a world that is all around us in the countryside as well as in the towns if we only know what to look for. The future is portrayed in the exhibition in an optimistic fashion, being shown as possible to influence.

Experts on prehistory and the future use signs and methods to arrive at conclusions and to draw lessons, firm convictions and confidence. They both move like travellers in a changing landscape. Can we dig up and create understanding for our prehistoric world in its entirety?

Is it possible to achieve a correct model in order to predict the future? Just as with the experts, the imagination and inventiveness of the visitors is central to understanding. Like large rooms, the artworks in the exhibition offer insights into different realities that are just as “true” as those in the curiosity stations.

Our Installations:

We used a Microsoft Surface and developed an “invention-game” as well as an hacked X-Boc Kinect to create a time-travel-window.

The Table

The Window


Social media consulting

Client: Middagsfrid

Mission: Social media consulting

Every now and then people, organisations and companies get in touch with us to get our input on how they can improve their presence on the net with help of a good social media strategy. A little more than a year ago, the company Middagsfrid contacted us on this matter, and now, a year later we did a follow up. We had a 2 day long course/workshop together with the founder Kicki Theander and her staff members, thoroughgoingly studying their comapnies values, language and methods to be presented on the web. We are as pleased as Middagsfrid are today, looking over the past years result.

About Middagsfrid:

Kiki Theander, mother of three, CEO and founder of Dinner Frid, revolutionized the Swedish food service in 2007 when she introduced the concept of pre-planned home delivery grocery bags with recipes to your door. With Kicki’s passion for great food, was the driving force to help families cook good and healthy food in everyday life, with high quality ingredients. Middagsfrids menu planning is led by Kiki and nutritionist Carina Ålund. With a focus on fresh raw materials, additive-free, ecological and climate-friendly ingredients every meal is test-cooked in the company’s test kitchens. Middagsfrid is also working on lobbying to get the food industry to producebetter foods. Middagsfrid has operations in over 70 municipalities of Sweden, Norway,Denmark and Germany.

Middagsfrid’s links:


Kicki’s Blog



Youtube Channel